Church planters should do everything they can to prepare themselves for the challenges and adventure of church
planting!  The key to preparing well is to be asking the right questions!  We help church planting leaders discover the right questions and find the answers they need in our comprehensive training course called The Church Planter’s Missional Blueprint.

Whenever you are going to take on a big project such as building a house or a church you will be required to have a “blueprint” before you begin. Also can you imagine hiring a general contractor with absolutely no home building experience? Most people would never consider it. General contractors typically have years of training and experience. Yet God, in His wisdom, calls most church planters to accomplish a similar scope of work with very little experience (to ensure complete reliance on Him). You need training. You need help. Why fly blind and make mistakes that are avoidable? Bootcamp is a great place to start! Learn from others who’ve already walked in your shoes.

The Wesleyan Church in Canada will provide you with all the necessary training needed to help you complete the call God has placed on your life for starting a new church.