Everyone at every age needs a Will and Power of Attorney no matter the size of one’s estate. One way In which we can help is to provide these documents ‘free of charge’, IF you are willing to make a gift to the Wesleyan Church from your estate.

You can do this by calling or emailing me to let me know you are interested. I will make the arrangements from that point for you to complete some initial documents and secure an appointment with our lawyer to do the work in his office, privately.

Here is a second way we can help you. If you live too far away to come to Brockville for an appointment: If there are a minimum of 10 people in your church that would like to avail themselves of this service, we will come to your church on a Saturday to meet with those, take their information, prepare the documents and then return in 3 – 4 weeks to have the documents signed and delivered. How easy is that!!!

I would love to come to your church to make a 5 minute presentation to your congregation sharing these offers.

Give me a call so we can arrange a mutually agreeable date.


Canada Central District, Wesleyan Church

Email: therev@myhighspeed.ca