We spent our week in country working up in Matagalpa, Nicaragua with a Global Partner interns Lorena and Jose Mendez from August 27- September 4, 2016.

Our group of 5 defied our numbers as we worked non-stop with our Nicaraguan foreman Federico and workers Gerardo and Nicolas to accomplish many projects including finishing the ongoing project of first ever bathrooms with running water and flushing toilets at the Las Colinas School.

Another project we invested in was community health education.  We brought the supplies and expertise to host three separate First Aid/Preventative Health classes at different locations within Las Limas and Matagalpa. Each family who took the First Aid course received a first-aid kit.  We brought these from Canada as they are not easy to find in Nicaragua.

The Bridge Church also donated special funds to provide 100 CociNica stoves to families throughout the community . These stoves will save the family over $100 US per year in firewood purchases, provide a much better cooking source, and most importantly, give safety to their cooking area.

50 new desks for the classrooms of the Las Colinas School were also added.


We worked hard but are thankful for all we were able to accomplish for the Matagalpa community and the students, teachers and families who live there.

Here are a few pictures of Dr. Elaine Galacia examining a boy who we discovered had severe asthma, doing a church service at the most remote Wesleyan church in the countryand various building shots.