In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Act 20: 35

Under the leadership of Kirsti Bakker, the 2016 Brockville Wesleyan Church Missions Team – Allison Asselstine, Alexis Asselstine, Leo Oosterhof, Rick Pybus, Gabrielle O’Neill and Shelagh McKibbon – spent 10 days in Nicaragua with missionaries Ryan and Sarah Schmitz.

During their time in Tipitapa, Christo Rey and San Juan, they:

  • delivered school and hygiene supplies to 13 Teachers at 3 different schools
  • took 50 children to visit a zoo and eat at a restaurant, then gave them each a bag with school supplies, books, toys and hygiene supplies.
  • delivered medical supplies, including Glucometers, to a Community Nurse in Tipitapa.
  • donated and delivered a keyboard to a Church in Christo Rey.
  • donated and delivered a wheelchair to a little girl with Epilepsy.
  • purchased and delivered 50 parcels of food to in-need families in Christo Rey.
  • purchased and delivered 30 Rocket Stoves to families in San Juan.
  • helped to build a fence and a Sunday School Classroom at the Church in Christo Rey.
  • arranged to have a gate built for the Pre-School Class at the Friends of the Father School. This gate will keep 40 children ages 3 to 5 safely in their classroom.


Organizing donated school and hygiene supplies for 13 different teachers at 3 different schools.  (L-R: Kirsti Bakker, Rick Pybus and Leo Oosterhof)


Rebekah (a little girl with Epilepsy) and her Mother were given a wheelchair, donated by Kirsti Bakker.  No longer will Rebekah’s mother have to carry her for hours to walk to her Doctor’s appointment. Rebekah enjoys sitting up and being outside in her new wheelchair.


We helped build a Sunday School Room at the back of the Church in Christo Rey.  Three local young men (who had never attended the Church) were so impressed with the work that 2 “old gringos” could do (Leo Oosterhof and Rick Pybus), they decided to help us build the walls and rebuild the fence.  Praise the Lord!  (After months of inviting these young men to come into the Church, the Lord used Leo and Rick to inspire their hearts!)


Gabrielle O’Neill, Kirsti Bakker and Allison Asselstine worked on digging the foundation for the fence.


The team purchased, prepared and delivered 50 bags of food and supplies for families (Each family received bleach, dish soap, 3 lbs. rice, 5 lbs. beans, 1 liter of milk, 1 can of sardines, 1 bag of Masa corn flour, sea salt, sugar, soup mix, oil, oatmeal, a knitted wash cloth and ketchup – all presented in recyclable cloth bags)


30 Rocket Stoves were purchased (from a non-profit company in Nicaragua) and delivered in the community of San Juan.  A Rocket Stove allows families to cook meals efficiently and safely.  Many of these Rocket Stoves had to be delivered using a bike & cart as the roads were not travelable by van.


The BWC Mission Team spent a day with 50 children from the Friends of the Father School in Tipitapa.  They went to the zoo and out for lunch at a restaurant.  For many of these children, this was their first time at a zoo and at a restaurant.  The children were then given cloth bags full of donated school supplies, books, toys and toiletry items.


The gift of music was given to the Church in Christo Rey.  Back Row:  Ryan Schmitz (missionary), Leo Oosterhof, Sarah Schmitz (missionary), Rick Pybus.  Front Row: Gabrielle O’Neill, Alexis Asselstine, Allison Asselstine, a Church Member, Kirsti Bakker and Shelagh McKibbon.


The team arranged to pay for a gate to be installed at the door of the Pre-School Class at the Friends of the Father School in Tipitapa.  The 40+ children (ages 3-5) in this classroom will now be kept safe, making it easier for the teacher to work with them.


Way to Go Brockville Wesleyan Missions Team!